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H2 Photography are leading Lancashire based photographers specialising in weddings and portraits.  Chris of H2 Photography is also a photography tutor working with many schools and colleges providing tuition in digital photography.  Chris has had great success with his initial workshops and put together his own courses for digital photography and is currently taking reservations for his classes.  The classes are weekly for 6 - 10 weeks and they will be at a stunning Lancashire venue.  There are 4 options of courses available and these are:

GuitarGuitar Point & Shoot - This course offers anybody with any sort of camera an insight into taking better photographs.  This is a basic course and is suitable for a beginner wanting to learn digital photography and to learn simple hints and tips to improve their images.  This course is limited to 15 people and is just £25 per 3 hour session (Total £150), each week for 6 weeks. (includes refreshments)

Photography Foundations - This course offers an insight into the settings of your DSLR camera.  This will help you to take the worrying step of taking it off automatic and trusting your knowledge to set the camera for the best and 

Lancashire Portrait PhotographerLancashire Portrait PhotographerClare was wearing a winter hat and scarf on a day when the temperature outside was about 35 degrees! most artistic image.  This is a course that is suitable for a hobby photographer or intermediate photographer wanting to understand more about capturing images in any given circumstance instead of letting the camera decide!  This course is limited to 15 people and is just £45 per 3 hour session (Total £450), each week for 10 weeks. (includes refreshments) (DSLR or advanced camera needed)

Studio Photography - This course is an introductory to studio photography, working with a backdrop and studiolighting as well as principles of posing and portrait session etiquette!  This is a basic studio course and is suitable for a hobby photographer or intermediate photographer wanting to experience a studio session before moving into it in depth.  We also offer you chance to shoot a range of models during the course. This course is limited to 10 people and is just £75 per 3 hour session (Total £300), each week for 4 weeks. (refreshments included) (DSLR or advanced camera needed)

Lancashire Wedding PhotographerLancashire Wedding PhotographerLancashire Wedding Photographer - H2 Photography

Wedding Photography - This course is based around the understanding of wedding photography and how as a photographer to capture somebody's big day.  This course will be perfect for photographers that have worked with Chris before in the Photography Foundations Course and Studio Photography Course or for any keen photographer wanting to possibly take their first steps into or with a general interest in photographing weddings.  Basic photography knowledge will be assumed and is essential for this course.  This course will be over a 6 week duration and will involve some sessions being at weekend.  If possible you will also get the chance to shoot a real wedding with Chris to see how to put the theory into practice.  This course is limited to 8 people and is just £95 per 3 hour session (Total £570), each week 6 weeks.  With an additional weekend date for FREE limited to 2 people per weekend for the real wedding shoot. (refreshments included) (DSLR or advanced camera essential) 


1 Day Workshop:


With the workshops run by H2 Photography being over subscribed last year, we advise you to book early for these courses below:

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