H2 Photography can provide event photography services to cover your special event...

We can provide you an inclusive package, meaning that you purchase the service and the images printed at the event or we can offer you a print service, which means that you book us for your event and then we are able to sell prints at your event.  If you book us for the print service then you will actually receive a payment from the money taken for sales at the event.  This way of working is more beneficial if we are servicing a large number of guests and/or we are servicing an undetermined number of guests.


We can work with an existing location or provide you with a full mobile studio for the event photography......great if you are planning a prom, birthday celebration or wedding.  If you would like coverage of a corporate event or a live event with the ability to purchase "live" prints we can discuss this requirement to ensure that you get the very best images of your event.


For more information or to book us for your next event - please call 07902156237