H2 Photography | Photography Gift List

Not another gravy boat....

We understand that your imagery and/or videography for your wedding is a major expense when it comes to your wedding day plans.  We have decided to help make paying for your chosen image packages easier to pay for by introducing a 'Gift List' for your photography and/or videography.

When you have chosen all the elements to your coverage with H2, we will set up a payment page for your guests to be able to make contributions to your photography and videography coverage.  Guests will be able to choose various amounts to send to your account as a gift voucher that will be taken off your final balance.  Amounts will vary from £20 - £250 and will make a real difference to your balance and make it much easier as you approach your big day.

We understand that in this day and age, newly married couples don't always need a kettle or gravy boat and even if they do it may be helpful to get receive a bit of a hand with the wedding costs.  If you would like to set this up for your wedding please let us know at the time of booking it so that we can set up your personal account page.

We have had couples using this idea as a personal payment plan for their imaging as well.  You can go onto your own page each month and make a donation towards your own account creating a monthly payment plan in order to ease the final balance when it comes to the big day.